Victoria Volpi (Vicky) who is now 5 years old, has been in love with Baltazar di Fonte Abeti, now 3 years old, since they both were really little.

Their relationship started at the paddock, when Baltazar, as a little foal, showed a lot of interest for the little Vicky. The little girl asked her dad Riccardo to go see the horse very often, so he used to take her almost every day to the barn.

It was amazing to see them playing around and how much care the foal always had for Vicky.

Now, they’re both growing up together, almost like brother and sister. Victoria keeps visiting him at the barn while she starts taking riding lessons with her little pony Poncho. Baltazar is learning how to be ridden under saddle as well.

Vicky keeps telling us how she dreams about being older and showing Baltazar at the arena. For now, they keep playing together an knowing each other everyday a little better.

Great story, isn’t it?

We’ll keep you posted on this beautiful relationship, we can see a great future with them together!