Fonte Abeti

Grand Prix dressage horse breeding


Bred and pampered for 3 years in large spaces

The mares

The best selected mares from Netherlands and Germany

Trained horses

Trained with a slow and unstrained preparation
The farm Fonte Abeti was born from the deep passion of its founder for Dressage horses: it extends over large hilly areas, in over 70 acres of pastures and woods in Tuscany.


The foals up to 3 years, are bred in large areas by specialized personnel, growing peacefully and without stress.

The mares

More than 20 mares of the best genealogical lines purchased between Netherlands and Germany from stables with breeding success.

Trained horses

The training is based on classical principles. Our young horses are put into work from 3 years from highly qualified trainers.

For sale

Discover all our best dressage horses for sale.

Fonte Abeti Dressage horses’ farm


Last show of the season!

From the 17th to the 19th of December, our dressage riders participated at the Final National Dressage trophy (National A show) in Caselle di Sommacampagna, Verona, last show of the season. This year ends up better impossible for Our rider and trainer Carlos Muñoz and...

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…meanwhile at Fonte Abeti…